As mentioned elsewhere on the site BE Tutoring Cardff currently covers ESOL, English,  History and Politics. If you are interested in any other subjects, please enquire and we will let you know if we are able to assist. We provide ourselves on a high quality of service and so will be honest with you if we are unable to provide that quality in the subject you are seeking.

Current Subjects:

EAL/ESOL - please see our page dedicated to our TESOL service

English, History & Politics - we provide tutoring to all ages, levels and abilities, examples of the service we provide include:

  • support for children aged 3-14 whose parents want them to do some additional learning outside of school time to:
    • help a child who is slightly behind his/her peers "catch-up"
    • to build the confidence of a child in this area
    • to provide additional learning for a gifted child
  • support for GCSE students (adults and children)to:
    • provide extra guidance on set works of literature
    • help a child who is slightly behind his/her peers "catch-up"
    • build the confidence of a student in this area
    • proivde support for exam -preparation
  • support for A Level students (adults & students)  providing
    •  additional guidance on set works of literature
    • exam-preparation
  • tutoring for adult learners - these services ranges from the casual learner to the business learner and is tailored according to specific needs, please contact us with your requirements.

£15 an hour for small group tutoring (approximately 4 people)
£20 an hour for individual tutoring (or 1-2 ratio for family members requiring the same tutoring)
£10 an hour for large group tutoring (6 or more people)

£10  for 30 mins small group tutoring
£15 for 30 mins individual tutoring
£7.50 for 30 mins large group tutoring

30% discount for second family member requiring different tutoring and different level of tutoring 

Please enquire here for prices on sessions for more than an hour each or for any other requirements.
Please see the ESOL page for fees in that area

Terms and Conditions
Please note that all bookings are subject to a deposit payable in advance. Until the deposit is paid your booking remains provisional and may be lost. Currently the deposit required is 25% of the total cost of your booking and it is non-refundable should you later wish to cancel or booking.  Should you wish to amend your booking, we will try to accommodate your wishes but if it is not possible we will consider that you have cancelled your booking and your deposit will be forfeit accordingly Should Be Tutoring Cardiff have to cancel any bookings then the deposit will be returned in full. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.