Here at BE Tutoring Cardiff we provide a specialised service in English as an additional or as a foreign language. This comes under our 'Teaching English Too' service. Our main tutor, Laura, has been teaching English, on and off, since 2001 and has been offering online tuition since 2014.

Courses offered include - General English, Business English, Academic English, Conversational English, Exam preparation (IELTS) and more! The first lesson is free!!!

Tutoring in this area covers all ages and all levels and we also provide proof reading services. Our tutoring sessions are personalised and tailored to individual students' needs but this page should give you an indication of what to expect:


Pre-school - group sessions would typically last about 45 minutes and the focus is on learning through play and fun. We "teach" pre-schoolers through songs and games with a focus on simple language skills for social situations and key areas of learning for the age group. Typically we will focus on things such as greetings, shapes, colours, numbers, animals and animal sounds. The bulk of the 'teaching' is done in the first 30 minutes and then the children have 15 minutes or so for more free play. Classes on an individual basis work in a very similar way but tend to be just 30 minutes long.

Primary School - again our sessions are about learning through play and fun but they are more structured and there is much more emphasis on active participation from the children. The focus moves to a wider range of vocabulary and sentence structure according to the level of English the child speaks. Group sessions are usually an hour long with 1-1 sessions being 30-45 minutes long.

Secondary pre-GCSE & post-GCSE - tutoring ESOL at this level tends to be all about supporting the child's learning for school. Group and individual classes are tailored according to the child's level of ability with English as this can vary a lot. 


Learning ESOL for adults is targeted according to students' existing command of the language and confidence with it.  We help students increase their level of English and also their confidence with the language. Courses are aimed at the existing level of the learner's English.

Beginners - those with little or no knowledge of English or able to carry out a couple of simple tasks such as buy a cup of coffee, typically levels A1 and A2.

Intermediate - those with enough knowledge to carry out basic day-to-day tasks such as buy a train ticket or make a doctor's appointment up to the ability to hold a simple conversation on topics such as hobbies, typically levels B1 and B2.

Advanced - those able to hold conversations on a wide range of topics including politics, literature, weather, business, etc, typically levels C1 and C2.

Near-Fluent - those able to speak and write fairly fluently in most situations but who may need to understand more of the subtleties of the English language in order to use it as well as someone who speaks it as their first language. Typically those at this level tend to be students or business learners who need to refine their language skills for essays, dissertations, business reports, classroom & boardroom debates, etc.

Classes for adult learners are very much tailored to the needs of the group/individual so please do contact me with your specific requirements for further information. 


We also provide a proof reading service for students, business people and any others who may require written work to be checked for accuracy and fluency. You submit a document, we edit it and return it to you in one of two states:

  1. with all editing highlighted/marked in 'Track Changes' for you to review
  2. with all editing finalised and the doucment ready to be published

Times & Fees

Pre-school - Group classes currently held on a Friday morning with fees at £5 per family, per class, payable on a half-termly basis. 

Times for individual/family classes can be booked on request, depending on availability at a rate of £7.50 per individual/family 

Primary School - Group classes currently held on a Thursday afternoon £6 per child per group class 50% discount for siblings, payable on a half-termly basis

 Times for individual/family classes can be booked on request, depending on availability at a rate of £10 for individual/family sessions

Secondary school & Adults - £15 per hour for group tutoring (approx 4 people), £20 per hour for individual tutoring. Please contact us to arrange dates and times.

Discounts are available for block and repeat bookings. Prices for online tuition are typically 25% lower than those for face-to-face classes at present. 

Please enquire here for specific times, class/tutor availability and for any additional information or for prices for large groups

Proof -Reading - prices range from £12 for of 500 words (with a 72 hour turnaround)  to £200 for 40,000 words (with a 7 day turnaround). Please contact us for more details of our pricing structure and service